Classroom Expectations and Procedures
1.  Students are expected to use district provided agenda books to record all assignments in all subject areas.

2.  On the first day of the school week, students are assisted with setting up agenda books with cycle days and calendar days.  Known events and assignments are also given.

3.  When an assignment is given in Mrs. Feltenberger's classroom, the assignment will be written on the classroom whiteboard.  All assignments for the week are recorded.  

4.  Often times, students are prompted to record assignments prior to beginning or receiving the assignment.

Students should be able to finish all assignments within a 50 minute time frame.  
     -20 minutes should be spent on daily reading log
     -remaining time spent on math and reading assignments
     *additonal time may be needed to work on projects and additional assignments

Students are asked to turn in any assignments by 8:15 daily.  (Math workbook assignments will be reviewed in class.)

Students are permitted to email me at with any questions about a particular assignment.  Students are encouraged to seek assistance during RAM Time (15 minutes daily), study halls, and/or during homeroom.