Balban Classroom Procedures
  • Our Class Procedures  
  • Class Daily Schedule: Science/Social Studies, Specials,  Whole Group Reading,  Literature Circles,  Word Study/Writing, LUNCH, Academy Time, DPA, Chorus/Band/Clubs 
  • Science groups and Social Studies groups are mixed groupings among all homerooms. Inquiry based projects that integrate all academic areas are the focus of this time!
  • Academy Time:  Students have the opportunity to strengthen and extend skills in all areas.  Individualized learning goals are set with resources to meet those goals.
  • Economy Jobs:  Each student completes his/her job every day.
  • Extra Opportunities:  Students have opportunities to extra activities such as outdoor picnic lunches and team building games.
  • Specials Schedule:
    Students are in groups mixed among all homerooms and labeled A,B,C, D.  The students have a special class to attend each day of the cycle 1-6. Music, Physical Education, Art, Spanish and Technology are specialized learning opportunities.  The specialists will change student groups so that every student will complete all specials by the end of the school year.