Mrs. Shawver’s Homework Policy

The sixth grade teachers will be working together as a team to plan, team teach, and differentiate instruction for our students.  Your child will receive instruction in our homeroom, but he or she will also move to other sixth grade classrooms to receive instruction in various subjects.  Students could have homework in these subject areas each night.  I have outlined some beliefs and expectations for homework below.

-  I believe homework is an important key to success and academic    achievement. 

- I believe homework should be used as a tool to reinforce skills that have already been taught in class. 

- I believe homework helps teach responsibility, an important skill in life and future careers.  

- I believe when parents assist students with their homework, they are helping their child improve their achievement.  

- It is expected that all homework assignments are turned in on the due date. 

- It is expected that late or incomplete homework must be accompanied by   a parent note, email, or phone call, explaining why the homework is not complete.

- It is expected that students record their homework assignments in their assignment books each night. 

Students will be given the opportunity to begin homework assignments during Ram Time each day.  If assignments are not completed during Ram Time, your child will be bringing the assignment home to complete.  Homework completed outside of school shouldn’t exceed 60 minutes.  If for some reason, your child is consistently requiring more than an hour to finish, please contact me.