Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)


MTSS Triangle

What is a Multi-Tiered System of Support?

MTSS is a system of supports that utilizes core instruction aligned to PACore, implements universal screening for academics and behavior, analyzes data when making decisions, and uses all information collected to provide individualized supports for students. This system strives to incorporate data and input from a wide range of team members and encourage parent involvement. 

Why the change from RtII to MTSS?


Over the past several years, PVASD has been building a solid RtII program across grades K-6 district-wide. Changing the name from Response to Instruction and Intervention to Multi-Tiered System of Supports helps us move toward a better collective understanding of how we want our support system to look and run in Penns Valley. The name change takes away the stigma that the interventions and support must be related to academics. Our students deserve our support in areas outside of academics as well. Although we provided this support in our past implementation of RtII, the name did not support that practice. We are happy to move toward a name change that allows us to better explain how we are meeting the needs of all students. 



The MTSS process used at PVASD can be divided into two distinct categories: behavior and academic. Both of these areas use a three-tiered system to categorize student needs with Tier 1 enveloping universal supports and instruction given to all students, Tier 2 utilizing more individualized re-teaching of skills as well as increased instructional time in the area of need, and Tier 3 providing the most time-intensive and individualized support for students. Although this occurs in both behavior and academics, the processes look a little different.