Classroom Expectations


**BE READY                    **BE RESPONSIBLE                  **BE RESPECTFUL 

Team PVI Rules


To promote a sense of unity among Team PVI, we will enforce team rules that have been developed from the school-wide rules. These rules are as follows:

- Be respectful to all teachers, staff and students.

- Be respectful by taking care of personal and school property.

- Be ready for the day with your agenda, completed assignments, and needed materials

- Be ready to participate.

- Be responsible by walking in a quiet and orderly manner.

- Be responsible by keeping your hands and feet to yourselves.

Classroom Economy

The goal of a classroom economy is to maintain a collaborative and efficient classroom environment while introducing students to components of money and finance. As they perform their tasks, students will help manage the classroom and, in the process, learn valuable skills—such as responsibility, the value of saving money, and delayed gratification—that they will carry with them throughout life. Students will earn “money” through various jobs, positive behaviors, and accumulated Ram Stars. Students will then use this money for privileges such as RAM Card hours or various rewards and other opportunities. To be eligible for Ram Card Day and/or Ram Card related rewards, students will have the opportunity to earn their Ram Card by maintaining a positive economy balance, completing all necessary assignments, and earning Ram Stars for displaying school-wide positive behavior. Opportunities for redirection or completion of responsibilities will be available and specific interventions will be set in motion. More info on the Classroom Economy will follow as we get this year started!